CloudOnMove – Multi-cloud management and migrations

the perfect migration tool

CloudOnMove is a unique migration tool that is able to move your servers to cloud and between cloud service providers such as Azure, AWS and VMWare. It is ideal for both private and public cloud customers, and optimal for hybrid cloud.

Blazing Fast

CloudOnMove can migrate any number of machines in parallel. Migrating 10k virtual machines takes as much time as migrating one VM! Even with a massive amount of data, our revolutionary technology ensures that the migration happens as fast as possible.

Safe, Reliable & Easy

No data is lost. CloudOnMove moves whole machines as such and leaves no file behind! Migration is as simple as a button click. CloudOnMove also provides an easy and secure way for backup and site recovery through migration. Read more about our migration services and allow CloudOnMove to revolutionize your cloud journey!



CloudOnMove is a game-changer in the cloud business.

With our new inventive tool, CloudOnMove, we are able to transform your IT workflow by removing the need for expensive, on-premises servers by migrating them to the cloud and giving you the opportunity to easily move between cloud service providers. As a result, you can save remarkably in IT costs with CloudOnMove performing the migration faster, easier and more cost-efficiently than ever before.