CloudOnMove – For all your business’s cloud needs

Migrations, Multi-Cloud Management & Disaster Recovery

The Perfect Migration Tool

CloudOnMove is a unique cloud migration tool that is able to move your servers to cloud and between cloud service providers such as Azure, AWS, Openstack, Eucalyptus and VMWare. It is ideal for both private and public cloud customers, and optimal for hybrid cloud. Read more about the numerous benefits of CloudOnMove. New: Azure Managed Disks can be moved to another subscription or location!

Simple Multi-Cloud Management

CloudOnMove offers your business a single platform and interface to easily manage your entire cloud environment, including public, private and on-premises cloud services. Read more about our multi-cloud management platform and unlock the potential of multi-cloud.

Easy, Safe & Reliable

Migration is as simple as a button click. No data is lost: CloudOnMove moves whole machines as such and leaves no file behind! CloudOnMove also provides an easy and secure way for backup and disaster recovery through migration. Read more about our disaster recovery solutions and allow CloudOnMove to revolutionize your cloud journey!



CloudOnMove is a game changer in the cloud business. It serves all your business’s cloud needs: migrations to cloud and between cloud service providers, multi-cloud management and disaster recovery. With CloudOnMove the migrations are easier, faster and more cost-efficient than ever before.

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