CloudOnMove features

“Fast and easy to use. Remarkable savings in time and money.”

Benefits of CloudOnMove
  • Ideal for both private and public cloud migrations
  • Cost savings
    • Migrating workloads according to best-priced capacity
    • Moving from on-premises servers to flexible cloud platforms that scale according to use
  • Time savings
    • Automated live migration
    • No disruption in operations
    • Near-zero downtime
    • One time cost
    • Super fast
  • Safe and easy migrations
    • Secured process
      • Secured channel between clouds
      • CloudOnMove does not touch user files
      • All data is always stored in customer’s own machine
    • Easy to start with (no software installation needed!)
    • Simple to use
    • Web-based tool

“Migration doesn’t consume company resources nor cause delays in daily activities.”

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