Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is the essential subset of business continuity.

Disaster recovery enables a company to continue its operations after an incident. An incident can be a natural disaster or a human-related crisis. It threatens the critical operations of the business and therefore companies should be prepared for exceptional situations.

Increasing number of businesses are dependent on their data and its availability at all times, so downtime can be fatal to a business and its brand. Automated disaster recovery solution protects company’s IT infrastructure including hardware and software.

CloudOnMove as a platform-independent disaster recovery solution provides safety for all of your workloads. Our cutting-edge technology removes downtime, minimizes costs and simplifies disaster recovery, backup and archiving. It’s easy to use without software installation.

Disaster recovery as a service consists of cloud backup, instant recovery and end-to-end encryption. You can restore your replicated data, applications and files anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of cloud-based disaster recovery

  • easy implementation with high reliability
  • mission-critical data can be kept offsite
  • cost-effectiveness
  • scalability
  • efficiency

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