Multi-cloud management

Multi-cloud consists of two or more cloud platforms provided by two or more cloud vendors. Multi-cloud may be combined with hybrid cloud where several cloud deployment modes (private and public) are used.

The benefits of multi-cloud strategy are evident: spreading the risks helps you

  • Minimize downtime risks
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Achieve reliability in operations
  • Scale your business flexibly
  • Optimize costs

The challenges of multi-cloud approach relate to the complexity of monitoring and managing multiple workloads. Therefore, a multi-cloud management solution is essential to take care of the integration, security and orchestration.

Why CloudOnMove?

CloudOnMove offers your business a single platform and interface to easily manage your entire cloud environment, including public, private and on-premises cloud services.

Unlock the potential of multi-cloud strategy without any hassle. Manage and optimize your multi-cloud environment seamlessly.

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